"Wherever the Holy Spirit intervenes, He leaves people astonished."

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Prairie Fire Ministries seeks to enkindle hearts with the restorative love of the Holy Spirit.  

We provide opportunities to encounter the living God through healing services, parish missions, and other formational content. 


In keeping with the mission of Jesus Christ, we are a ministry that seeks to reveal the love of God to a lost, hungry, and hurting generation. By operating in the power of the Holy Spirit promised to all Christians, we help facilitate authentic encounter and transformation through healing, deliverance, and the proclamation of the Gospel.

“This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel” (Mark 1:15)

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A brief history of prairie fire

Prairie Fire Ministries began three decades ago when Tim Jameson crossed paths with Fr. Louis Greving in Des Moines, Iowa. Influenced by the exemplary life of Fr. Greving, Tim gained a deeper awareness of the divine calling placed upon his own life for service. Over the years, Tim dedicated himself to serving his community by fervently spreading the love of the Holy Spirit to everyone he encountered.

A turning point emerged for the ministry when Tim, with the help of Graeson Dall, began to provide consistent house calls, offering prayer to those in need. As word spread of Tim and Graeson’s mission, it became evident that there was a profound hunger for the healing love of God in the community. Motivated by this realization and aspiring to minister on a broader scale, they began the monthly healing service at the Cathedral in Des Moines, Iowa.

With the gracious approval of the Bishop in 2021, Prairie Fire Ministries has ministered to people from across the country at the monthly healing service, offering them a transformative encounter with the living God. As we look to the future, the ministry aspires to continue to preach the message of the Gospel by expanding the monthly healing service to new places, as well as offering more intentional formation. 

Meet Our Team

Tim Jameson

Graeson has a zeal and drive to awaken the universal church to the transformative love of the Holy Spirit. Ministering and speaking nationally on a wide variety of topics, Graeson’s heart burns for the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ, freedom in the Holy Spirit, and discovering God’s original plan for our lives. Graeson earned his Bachelors in Theology from Benedictine College and currently resides in Des Moines, Iowa and works in ministry full time. 

Graeson Dall

Tim is the founder of Prairie Fire Ministries and currently serves as co-founder of the ministry, Tim’s mission in life is to “LOVE WELL” by giving of himself. His true passion is only one thing, to fulfill Our Lord’s Will in his life, and in doing this bring others to have a genuine ENCOUNTER with the Lord, and thereby entering into a deeper relationship with Him which He desires of all His children. Tim and his family resides in Des Moines Ia, Tim is a husband of 38 yrs to his wife Jennifer and their four children and one grandchild. He speaks nationally on the power of the Holy Spirit and many different topics.This ministry has found that by proclaiming the Gospel in this time to all who will listen, then normally followed by great signs and wonders. We all are sick or broken in one way or another and we have a God who desires to heal all His children. 

"My life has completely changed from one of chaos to one of peace and harmony. I have fully committed my life to God and his will for me. My relationship with my wife has been transformed and and my relationship with other family members and friends has been renewed. I went from being unable to spend two minutes a day in prayer to spending one to four hours per day."

Rich H.