"Wherever the Holy Spirit intervenes, He leaves people astonished."

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Our Lord desires to set the world ablaze. Join us on a journey of restoration, revival, and renewal.

Physically, emotionally, or spiritually we are all sick and in need of healing. The good news is, there is Someone who wants us to be healed. The Healing Service was born out of the desire to stir up the Holy Spirit, witness to the power of God, and awaken souls to Jesus' personal & merciful love.

Ready for an evening of adoration, reconciliation, and healing prayer?

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FEBRUARY 10th, 2024

February 17th, 2024

March 9th, 2024

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"God is powerfully on the move these days- no matter the headlines."

"Ours is a world hungry to know God and one of the most powerful ways He is revealing Himself is through ministries like Prairie Fire. The people in this ministry are sold out agents of King Jesus' hands, eager to see all those they minister to encounter the living God."

Father john riccardo

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